Mannings Heath Golf & Wine Estate

1. Members/visitors must pay in full to the Mannings Heath Golf Club (Benguela Cove Investments Ltd  t/a) “the Club” the applicable joining fee/levy, annual or daily fees before making use of the  facilities.
2. All fees, including annual subscriptions, are non-refundable. Members and visitors  are advised to take out insurance in the event of incapacity or other obstruction to taking  advantage of membership or their visit.
3. Membership of the Club covers the membership year (or part thereof if joining during a  membership year) and the full liability associated therewith. Membership of the Golf Club is  for one year, whether paying by direct debit or annually in advance. This is a contractual  commitment that binds the member and the Golf Club. The Club reserves the right to cancel  or suspend membership if any part of a membership fee due by a Member is not paid (by way  of cleared funds) by its due date for payment. Green fee payers are not members of the club.
4. The Club may at its sole discretion and subject to an administration fee accept or arrange pro-  rata payment of membership by direct debit during the membership year. Affiliation fees are  not eligible for pro-rata payment. The terms of such an arrangement will be communicated to  Members accordingly.
5. If following the Club exercising its discretion in point 4 above any payment falls into arrears  the Club reserves the right to, inter alia, enforce the debt (in full or part) and  to suspend or cancel membership of the Member(s).
6. A member wishing to change to a more expensive category of membership must pay the  appropriate membership and administration fees prevailing at the time of changing category.
7. Members must carry their membership cards when visiting the Club. A fee will be charged  for replacement cards. Payments made to top up a membership card are not refundable.
8. The Club reserves the right to close or withdraw any facility with or without notice, for any  reason that the General Manager deems necessary.
9. The Club reserves the right to set aside facilities with notice for exhibitions, conferences or  other social events and activities.
10. If any member or visitor shall, in the reasonable opinion of the Club, cause nuisance or annoyance to  other Club members, staff or guests, or misuse the Club facilities or breach any of the Club  etiquette guidelines or behave in any way that the Club deems inappropriate, the Club  reserves the right to refuse admission and/or suspend or expel that person forthwith. The  member in question will be invited to meet with the General Manager to offer an explanation  for the alleged breach. The General Manager has authority to terminate the membership if  he/she reasonably holds that the member has behaved in the manner alleged.
11. The Club reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Details of any  changes will be displayed on the club notice boards.
12. Members and visitors use the facilities at their own risk and are reminded to act with caution  when on or near the golf facilities. All members are encouraged to take out insurance  providing cover suitable in the event of their actions causing harm or damage to others whilst  on the Club’s premises.
13. Upon receipt of payment for Membership at Mannings Heath Golf Club & Wine Estate you  hereby agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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